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'Dolphin Tale' inspiration has died

Winter, an injured dolphin who learned to swim with a prosthetic tale and whose story served as the inspiration for two heartwarming films, died Thursday, according to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, where she resided.

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Opinion: What Veterans Day means to me and my family

I'm a Navy veteran, currently serving in the Reserves, and the son of an Army veteran. My father's brother served two tours as a Marine Corps infantryman in Vietnam and a good family friend also completed a deployment to Vietnam with the Navy. Veterans Day carries a special meaning to me but also one that evolved over the years.

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This 'silent killer' is haunting our oceans

Built up from fishing communities into a major international port, Hong Kong has a rich maritime history stretching back hundreds of years. Beneath the surface of its coastal waters, though, lurks a haunting threat to its marine life.

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France's Macron says Australia PM lied to him on submarine deal

French President Emmanuel Macron said Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison lied to him over the cancellation of a submarine building contract in September, and indicated more was needed to be done to rebuild trust between the two allies.

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Biden to France's Macron: What we did was clumsy

President Joe Biden told French President Emmanuel Macron that France was an important friend and said the US was "clumsy" in the way the submarine deal with Australia that led to Canberra bailing on a deal with France was handled.

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Biden and Macron will meet face-to-face for first time since clash

President Joe Biden is set to meet with French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday in Rome, their first in-person meeting following last month's major diplomatic dust-up over an agreement for the US and United Kingdom to provide Australia with nuclear-powered submarines.

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Disaster on the beach

The oil spill disaster unfolding off the coast of Orange County, California, is just the latest example of the damaging effects of offshore drilling. The spill, estimated by officials to be at least 144,000 gallons, is devastating to birds, fish, marine mammals and other wildlife, as well as to beaches and coastal wetlands. For those of us lucky enough to live near this iconic stretch of coastline, the sight of it awash in oil is heartbreaking.

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