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Marcus Lamb's career and anti-vax message speak to power of Christian broadcasters

At least five conservative radio hosts who warned their audiences against the vaccine have died of Covid in recent months. But the death of Marcus Lamb this week highlights a different network of misinformation that has nearly as broad a reach in conservative circles but receives far less attention in political media: conservative Christian broadcasters.

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Lewis: Racism toward England players a source of national shame

CNN's Darren Lewis says that the scale of racism toward Marcus Rashford, Bukayo Sako and Jadon Sancho in the wake of England's Euro championship loss is a source of national shame and says UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson's government is not doing enough to combat the issue.

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Chef: Our industry is collapsing before lawmakers' eyes

Chef Camilla Marcus and columnist Frank Bruni tell CNN's Brooke Baldwin about the devastating impact Covid-19 has had on the restaurant industry, saying the government has not done enough to provide industry-specific relief.

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Covid's next casualty: American restaurants

Restaurants help establish the unique character of our communities. But "restaurants are dying," says legendary chef Marcus Samuelsson. "Four out of five of our favorite independent restaurants may not survive this shutdown."

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