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Opinion: My brother didn't get Covid-19, but he was a victim of it anyway

As a sibling to someone who overdosed at the start of the Covid-19 crisis, I'm reminded every day that our national conversation ignores the uncounted victims of the pandemic. Victims like my brother, David, who passed away on March 24 in Orange County, California. While his death certificate states "acute polydrug intoxication due to the combined effects of heroin [and other drugs]" as his cause of death, my brother is another tragedy of this moment.

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Americans need a better way to evaluate the President's health

In early March 2001, I sat in the Coronary Care Unit of the George Washington University Hospital with the vice president of the United States, Dick Cheney. One day earlier, he had undergone his second procedure in four months to clear a coronary artery obstruction. As we spoke, Tim Russert appeared on the "Today" show and suggested that, for medical reasons, Cheney should consider stepping down.

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Miscarriage and baby loss: Here's what to say

On a cold day in March 2019, I locked myself on the roof of my New York City apartment building with a bottle of wine and a pack of ancient cigarettes I hadn't smoked in years. I was determined to take what little pleasure could be gained by privately unraveling outside in very public air.

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Chrissy Teigen's powerful openness

This week, supermodel and personality Chrissy Teigen and her husband, musician John Legend, suffered a tragedy that according to the March of Dimes affects some 10 to 15% of pregnant women a year. Teigen lost her baby, the couple's third child, following pregnancy complications. Late Wednesday night, the couple shared the sad news with their combined 27 million Twitter followers, in a post that said they were "shocked and in the kind of deep pain you only hear about, the kind of pain we've never felt before." On Instagram, Teigen posted an intimate photo of herself hunched over and crying, her hair in a hairnet and hospital bracelets around her wrists.

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What the wanton endangerment charge means

A grand jury indicted former Louisville police officer Brett Hankison on three counts of wanton endangerment in the first degree in connection with the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor in March.

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