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WNBA players react to Breonna Taylor settlement

WNBA players repeated their calls for the officers who killed Breonna Taylor to be arrested after hearing news of the historic settlement between the family and the city of Louisville, Kentucky.

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Breonna Taylor settlement is not close to justice

On Tuesday, the City of Louisville, Kentucky, finally settled a wrongful death lawsuit in the killing of Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old EMT shot dead in her own house by police officers who entered on a no-knock warrant. The settlement is for $12 million, every penny of which Taylor's family deserves, and not a single cent of which will bring her back.

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McDonald's owner gives away 10,000 meals

The day after Hurricane Laura rolled through parts of Louisiana and Texas, Rikesh Patel, the owner of several McDonald's in Louisiana, made a call to corporate. Within 24 hours, a restaurant on wheels arrived in Lake Charles to help feed families in need of a hot meal.

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Analysis: Republican senator's response to the Woodward book is maddening

On Wednesday afternoon, soon after CNN obtained an early copy of Bob Woodward's soon-to-be-released book that contained an admission by President Donald Trump that he purposely downplayed the severity of Covid-19 to the public, Republican Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy did an interview with CNN's Pam Brown.

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