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Cars used in 'Mad Max: Fury Road' movie up for auction

Thirteen heavily modified cars used in "Mad Max: Fury Road" are under the gavel at Lloyd's Auction for fans of the post-apocalyptic 2015 film. Super-turbo charged and armed with weaponry, Lloyd's says it's the "greatest barn-find ever recorded."

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Keilar: Rubio took a swing, missed and hit himself in the face

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) tweeted that US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was participating in "embarrassing Covid theater" by wearing a mask and face shield on his trip to the Philippines, where masks and face shields are government mandated.

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Defense secretary responds to Ted Cruz's accusations

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told CNN he won't lose any sleep over US military forces from China and Russia and dismissed accusations by some conservative politicians and media figures that the US military's latest recruiting efforts to attract more diversity and be more inclusive are weakening America's security.

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Rock music pioneer Lloyd Price dies at 88

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame singer Lloyd Price, whose hits included "Stagger Lee" and "Lawdy Miss Clawdy," has died at the age of 88, his longtime manager confirmed to CNN.

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Defense secretary lays out vision of future in first major speech

In his first major policy speech, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin laid out a vision of warfare starkly different from how "the last of the old wars" of the past two decades were fought, urging the military to move toward a faster, more innovative approach capable of acting at the "speed of war."

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Opinion: Why Biden should be careful about courting India's Modi government

The United States is putting on a full-court press to deepen ties with India. President Joe Biden included India in the first-ever heads of state meeting of "The Quad," an exclusive group that also includes Japan and Australia, and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin visited Delhi as part of his first trip abroad. All in an effort to find friends in Asia to counter expansionist China.

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From sermons to WhatsApp messages, these Britons are trying to dispel Covid-19 myths in minority communities

Christine Lloyd-Jones was at work when the first call came: One of her friends, Annette, 62, had died of coronavirus. The following day, as she ate breakfast, her phone flashed again. This time it was news of another friend, Lloyd, dead at 58. The next day, another call. Her friend Haydon, 51, was in the hospital. He died the following day. In the space of just five days, Lloyd-Jones lost three loved ones to Covid-19.

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