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'Time to pull the plug': Senator wants to move on from talks

A bipartisan group of senators say they've reached a deal on an infrastructure package that will not include raising taxes. Some Democrats are not optimistic that a deal can be made and are urging their colleagues to take action now. CNN's Manu Raju has more.

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Opinion: Mitch McConnell's arc of Trump doesn't bend toward justice

Nothing describes the arc the Republican Party has traveled over the past few months better than the journey of Sen. Mitch McConnell: In February, the minority leader was calling former President Donald Trump "practically and morally responsible" for the Jan. 6 Capitol riot; three-and-a-half months later he was making a "personal favor" plea to colleagues to kill a bipartisan commission that would have investigated the deadly insurrection.

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The brave, fallen 'stars' that brought me to Afghanistan

During one of my first trips to Afghanistan, I traveled to a remote base not far from the border with Pakistan. It took a helicopter ride to get there. We deftly navigated through mountain passes under the cover of darkness on a moonless night to avoid the threat of small-arms fire from insurgents. A few nights later, I made my way to the top of a makeshift watchtower on base to enjoy a cigar with some of my colleagues.

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'They think we're like servants': Inside the fractured relationship between the Capitol Police and members of Congress

In the weeks after the January 6 riot, Capitol Police officers were shell-shocked and wounded, both physically and psychologically. They'd been through hell, they'd sacrificed their bodies, they'd lost colleagues who died as a result of the attack. But in the end they had safeguarded democracy and upheld their primary directive: Secure and protect the 535 members of Congress.

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