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Labor shortage? Not at Target

A record number of Americans are quitting their jobs and businesses are desperately struggling to fill open positions. Target doesn't have either of those problems.

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Opinion: If the labor shortage continues, the US economy won't be able to recover

After enhanced unemployment benefits expired and schools re-opened in person, many expected workers to go back to work and the nation's labor shortage to ease significantly by September. But recent data suggest that, if anything, the shortage is getting more severe. And though the risk of a severe shortage continuing into 2022 is not the most likely scenario, the chances of it are increasing. That means we could see significantly lower economic growth next year.

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'Great Resignation' and 'Striketober' send a message

The rumblings of labor activism can be felt across the country these days. On-the-job actions are rapidly growing, from strikes at John Deere and Warrior Met Coal to worker walkouts at fast food chains and a strike authorization that sparked management concessions for roughly 60,000 film and television workers, whose demands for more humane workplace conditions is particularly raw in the wake of the "Rust" set shooting. So many strikes have gotten underway this month that some have taken to calling this "Striketober." Add in the Great Resignation — the record number of workers quitting their jobs in 2021 — and it's clear that American workers are not only fed up, but feeling empowered to fight for better wages and working conditions.

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This retailer just raised its minimum wage to $17

Costco this week raised its starting wage for hourly store workers in the United States for the second time this year as businesses hike pay to draw and retain workers amid a labor shortage.

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Artist injects his work into unexpected places

This New York-based artist pushes the boundaries of art and design with works spanning everything from sculpture and painting to architecture, furniture design and commercial collaboration.

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America's CEOs are losing confidence in the economy

US business leaders are still upbeat about the economic recovery. But they're not as confident as they were just a few months ago, and they blame the Delta variant and a super tight labor market for the drop in sentiment.

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