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High Court to hear abortion case arguments

As the firestorm continues over the Supreme Court's decision a month ago to allow a Texas six-week abortion ban to go into effect, the justices will take the bench on Tuesday to hear a separate dispute concerning an abortion access law out of Kentucky.

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Opinion: The bombshell Jan. 6 report

The more information that emerges about former President Donald Trump's efforts to remain in power despite losing the 2020 election, the more difficult it becomes for the Department of Justice to avoid investigating the wide array of potentially criminal conduct by the former President between the election and January 6.

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Takeaways from Judiciary Committee report on attempted coup

Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee released a sweeping report Thursday detailing what they say is evidence former President Donald Trump and a top lawyer in the Justice Department attempted to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

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Justice Breyer says return to in-person arguments is a 'big improvement'

Justice Stephen Breyer on Monday reflected on the Supreme Court's return to in-person oral arguments earlier that day, saying he prefers the high court's usual structure over the virtual system the nine jurists had started using just after the Covid-19 pandemic paralyzed much of the country last year.

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Opinion: McConnell's Supreme Court

Amy Coney Barrett, who was confirmed to the Supreme Court a year ago, gave a speech a few weeks ago in which she said the justices were not "partisan hacks." Justice Barrett did this at the University of Louisville, at the 30th anniversary celebration of a center named in honor of Mitch McConnell, Republican minority leader in the US Senate.

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Supreme Court's new term could see landmark rulings on abortion, guns

For the first time in more than a year, the Supreme Court will convene in its crimson velvet-lined majestic chamber Monday to begin a new term and hear some of the most divisive issues of the day at a time when the Court's institutional legitimacy is under attack and the majority of the public doesn't approve of the job the justices are doing.

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NYC bronze bust of George Floyd defaced

A bronze bust of George Floyd, part of Confront Art's "SEEINJUSTICE" exhibition, was defaced on Sunday morning, according to the New York City Police Department.

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DOJ: English-speaking ISIS narrator charged

An English-speaking narrator of ISIS recruitment videos is in custody in the US and charged with conspiring to help the terrorist organization, the Justice Department announced on Saturday.

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Governor signs bills to use Covid-19 relief funds to build prisons

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed into law Friday a number of prison infrastructure bills that will use coronavirus relief funds to build new prisons in the state, calling it a "pivotal moment for the trajectory of our state's criminal justice system."

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