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Rep. Jim Jordan indicates he won't meet with January 6 committee

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio indicated he doesn't plan to cooperate with a request to meet to meet with the House select committee investigating January 6, according to a defiant letter he sent to committee Chair Bennie Thompson on Sunday.

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Jim Jordan sent one of the texts revealed by January 6 committee

• Jan. 6 rioter charged with assaulting Capitol police in fight that left officer unconscious • Opinion: Panicky texts to Mark Meadows paint a damning picture • McConnell on Jan. 6 probe: 'It will be interesting to reveal all the participants' • Analysis: Here's how Hannity and Ingraham finally addressed news of their Jan. 6 text

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The horror movie genre started with this 1896 short film

From a silent film in 1896 to Jordan Peele's "Get Out," horror movies have evolved to capitalize on what we fear most. Watch this week's "Pop Off" and subscribe to Lisa's "Pop Life Chronicles" newsletter here.

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US women's gymnastics team is like none before it

When it comes to sports that attract fervent attention at the Olympics, gymnastics is always a top contender. Pulse-pounding and entertaining, the gravity-defying skills exhibited by athletes is unlike anything else seen at the Games. However, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic erasing a year of anticipation-building pre-Olympic competition, there is also an air of mystery for those outside the gymnastics universe about most of the six women -- alongside stalwart Simone Biles, there's Jordan Chiles, Sunisa Lee, Grace McCallum, Jade Carey and MyKayla Skinner. Some -- like Chiles, whose prospects were bolstered after a move to Biles' gym -- are underdogs, and some -- like Skinner, who stepped away from a star spot on the University of Utah's team to train for an Olympics berth -- are stepping outside the conventional path for the sport.

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