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See rare two-headed calf

A calf with two pairs of eyes, two mouths and two ears was born in northeast India, according to Reuters.

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Opinion: What it will take to save American democracy

On the anniversary of January 6, as we think about the future of American democracy, it's useful to look around the world at what scholars have called a "democratic recession." From Hungary to Poland to Turkey to India, democratic norms, values and institutions are under stress.

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India's daily Covid-19 cases rise by 22,775

India on Saturday reported 22,775 new Covid-19 infections over the past 24 hours, health ministry data shows, adding to concerns for authorities around the country about the rising number of cases.

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Facebook takes aim at vast networks of spies for hire

Cybersecurity researchers from Facebook and a university have exposed a vast network of activity from surveillance-for-hire firms from India to Israel that they claim has used hacking tools and hundreds of fake personas to monitor journalists, dissidents and politicians around the world.

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