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More than two-thirds of India may have Covid antibodies

More than two thirds of India's population may have Covid-19 antibodies, according to a new serological survey released Tuesday, providing yet more evidence the virus may have spread far more widely than official figures suggest.

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Bill Clinton turned down tea with the Queen to 'be a tourist'

Former US President Bill Clinton declined offers of tea with Queen Elizabeth and dinner at the British Prime Minister's official country house because he wanted to "be a tourist," go shopping and eat Indian food during his first official visit to the UK with Tony Blair as leader in 1997, according to formerly classified documents.

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Why a Covid-19 vaccine isn't available for kids yet

• In 35 states, the rate of new Covid cases in the past week are over 50% higher • Indonesia overtakes India as Asia's new Covid epicenter • Dr. Gupta: The importance of being vaccinated • Live updates: Tokyo reports 2nd straight day of more than 1,000 Covid cases

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US begins its reckoning on Native American children

After a First Nations community used ground-penetrating radar to discover more than 200 unmarked graves at an Indigenous residential school in Canada, the US Secretary of the Interior, Deb Haaland, announced in late June that she was launching the Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative. It would investigate the policies and practices behind a similar Native boarding school system in the US that was meant to forcibly assimilate Indigenous youth into White, western American society.

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