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It's time to confront the dark postscript to America's role in defeating the Nazis

Last weekend, the United States deported Friedrich Karl Berger, an ex-Nazi concentration camp guard. The deportation was seen as a triumph of justice. When commenting on the case, Acting Attorney General Monty Wilkinson lauded the efforts of law enforcement involved in the process, while affirming America isn't "a safe haven for those who participated in Nazi crimes."

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Opinion: Biden can strike a blow against Saudi Arabia's human rights violations

Saudi women's rights activist Loujain al-Hathloul was released from prison earlier this month after serving 1001 days in prison for "crimes" that included contacting human rights groups and trying to change Saudi Arabia's restrictive male guardianship laws. Loujain is by no means free, though. She is banned from traveling for five years and remains on a three-year probation, living under the constant threat of being jailed again.

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The fight over Marjorie Taylor Greene poses a threat to the entire country

The civil war raging inside the GOP may look like a problem for the Republican Party, but it is much more. It is a flashing red light for the entire country, warning America that if it continues on this path, it will become a country without guardrails against extremist ideologies. We have seen how that has played out in other countries and it doesn't bode well for the US.

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Chef helps feed National Guard troops at US Capitol

CNN's Anderson Cooper talks to World Central Kitchen founder Jose Andres, who has been feeding National Guard soldiers protecting the US Capitol. Watch Anderson Cooper Full Circle Monday, Tuesday and Friday this week at 6p E.T.

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