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First class is vanishing. Here's what's next

After a long, golden sunset of being installed on fewer and fewer aircraft, the retirement of older aircraft caused by the Covid-19 pandemic means that when air travel resumes, international first class will be very nearly a thing of the past.

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Analysis: Why California's results are in line with the GOP taking the House in 2022

Democrats crushed Republicans in Tuesday's California recall election of Gov. Gavin Newsom. Newsom's overwhelming victory left little doubt that California is a deeply blue state, and a Donald Trump-endorsed candidate like Larry Elder doesn't come close to fitting the bill for the type of Republican the GOP needs to run in order to win in the Golden State.

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Five places to watch in the California recall

With all eyes turning to California on Tuesday to see whether Gov. Gavin Newsom is recalled, a few places within the Golden State could offer some early clues -- not only about whether the Democratic governor can keep his job -- but also what the political climate might look like next year in a state where Republicans picked up four House seats in 2020.

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We lost Greenville': Dixie Fire devastates a California town

The Golden State's largest active wildfire has wiped out much of the Greenville community in Northern California, sweeping through Wednesday at alarming speed and endangering anyone who did not heed evacuation orders, officials said.

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'AGT' contestant leaves show after devastating cancer update

Jane Marczewski, better known by her stage name, Nightbirde, tells CNN's Chris Cuomo about her decision to leave "America's Got Talent" after receiving a golden buzzer from Simon Cowell because of cancer regrowth in her body.

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