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Betty White's best 'Golden Girls' lines and moments

• Trailblazing actress Betty White dies at 99 • Ryan Reynolds and more pay tribute to White • Watch: 'Golden Girls' writer shares the unusual part about writing jokes for Betty White

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Opinion: 'Encanto' shifts the female paradigm

To all the girls who prefer baseball diamonds to rings, who consider themselves both strong and beautiful -- and to all children and their parents who ought to learn that this option exists --- Disney's "Encanto" offers an antidote and a new paradigm in female representation.

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Maxwell's defense: blame the victims

Ghislaine Maxwell is not ready to face the music. Maxwell, the longtime friend and companion of mysterious millionaire and alleged sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein, is on trial for what prosecutors say was her role in a sex-trafficking operation, recruiting underage girls for exploitation by Epstein. Maxwell has pleaded not guilty. Epstein killed himself in jail in 2019, before he could be tried.

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Review: 'Harlem' dresses up yet another quartet for success from 'Girls Trip's' writer

On paper, there's nothing particularly new about "Harlem," which focuses on yet another quartet of 30-something women navigating life and love in the big city. But the execution of this Amazon series from "Girls Trip" writer Tracy Oliver lifts it above the norm, with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments -- starting with "Get Out: The Musical" -- to go with the soapier ones about relationships and careers.

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9-year-old Afghan girl who was sold into marriage rescued after CNN report

Last month, CNN reported that Parwana and several other underage girls were being sold by their fathers so other members of their families could eat. After an international outcry as a result of CNN's story, Parwana was returned to her family due to the backlash from the community against the buyer. CNN's Anna Coren has the update.

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A decades-long photography series about girlhood takes a tragic turn

In black-and-white photographs, the relationships of several teenage girls unfold through after-school hangouts, late-night parties and prom photos in mid-1980s New York. They are Blake and Leslie, two Jens, Zoe and Molly, applying makeup in mirrors, deep in conversation on the subway and shielding their cigarettes from the wind. Fast forward and they have partners and children, the women weaving in and out of each other's lives like a tangled braid.

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Opinion: Why am I still on Facebook?

As damning information about Facebook leaves the company increasingly besieged by accusations that it does far too little to prevent misinformation, radicalization, human trafficking, girls' low self-esteem, hate speech and even physical violence, I'm asking myself the same question a lot of people are: Why am I still on this platform?

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International Day of the Girl Child 2021: Raising strong girls during a pandemic

On International Day of the Girl Child, the second in a pandemic, I am grateful for this United Nations-designated day. It's given us a moment to step back to consider what we can do to parent our girls -- and really, all our children -- in the middle of a pandemic, social division, violence and political unrest.

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