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Meet Commander, the new presidential pup

President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden have added a new a pure-bred German Shepherd puppy named Commander to the family. A cat will also be joining the first family in 2022.

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Nuclear energy scares people. The climate crisis is giving it another chance

Growing up in Finland, Iida Ruishalme had a deep affinity for nature — particularly the forest, where she loved to go trekking with her dogs. Now, she's worried that her daughters won't experience such idyllic days as the climate crisis accelerates. So last month, she boarded a night train from Switzerland to join protests in the German capital Berlin.

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Rome airport reveals plans for flying taxis

Passengers flying into Rome from 2024 onwards will be able to go airborne for their taxi ride into the city center too, if a project between the company operating its main airport and a German startup lifts off on schedule.

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