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Opinion: The GOP's Trump-free campaign in Virginia worked

Glenn Youngkin's win in Virginia's gubernatorial race -- a blowout in a state won just a year ago by President Joe Biden by 10 points -- proves that there's a market for an old fashioned, simple tactic: find a platform of issues that is responsive to voter concerns and run on it!

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12 GOP 'Young Guns' embrace Trump's election falsehoods

At least a dozen of the House GOP's most prized recruits for the midterms have sown doubts about the 2020 elections, embracing former president Donald Trump's deceitful battle cry as they seek to flip the chamber next year.

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Donald Trump is doing everything he can to hurt GOP chances in 2022

The Republican Party has largely stayed true in their loyalty to Donald Trump, but the former president shows time and again, he only stays truly stays loyal to himself. In the latest episode of The Point, CNN's Chris Cillizza explains how Trump's post-presidency endorsements stray from the GOP's wishes and how they could hurt the party in 2022.

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Analysis: Another bad-news poll for Democrats

Most Americans now view the Republican Party as better than the Democratic Party at protecting the country from international threats and ensuring the nation remains prosperous, according to a new poll from Gallup. These are also the GOP's widest margins ahead of the Democrats in either issue area in at least six years.

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Democrats face divisions over pledge to scrap Trump's tax cuts

Democrats have been waiting for years to reimagine the tax code so that, in their words, the wealthy are paying their "fair share" and working and poor families aren't disproportionately hit with the tax burden. But overturning key pieces of the GOP's 2017 tax law -- a boon for businesses that lowered individual and corporate taxes -- won't happen without a bruising fight, potentially within their own party.

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