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French bus driver attacked over mask rules dies

A bus driver in France who was beaten up by passengers refusing to wear mandatory face masks died in hospital Friday, French Prime Minister Jean Castex and the victim's family have said.

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New French minister faces rape allegations

France's newly appointed interior minister Gerald Darmanin could face a fresh investigation into an alleged rape following a court ruling, sources close to the case told CNN on Tuesday.

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NYPD cars hit with glass bottles and other debris in Harlem

A group of people threw glass bottles and other debris at New York City Police Department vehicles early Sunday morning in Harlem after police responded to a "shot spotter activation," according to NYPD Sgt. Mary Frances O'Donnell.

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See how other countries are protesting police brutality

As protests over the killing of George Floyd continue in the US, the Black Lives Matter movement is spreading across the globe. CNN heads to the UK, Australia, and France to see how people are fighting to end systemic racism and police brutality in their own countries.

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This Portuguese diplomat saved thousands and lost everything but his good name

Eighty years ago this month, Paris and northern France were occupied by German forces. Thousands of Jews and other refugees fled south from the Nazi onslaught. Many of them reached Bordeaux, finding temporary refuge while seeking life-saving visas through Portugal, a neutral nation, and on to the United States and other countries.

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Opinion: As America reopens, I fear I'll be isolating for years

With New York, my home off and on for a half century, opening up on Monday, I've been reflecting on some hard, and very sad, facts of life for me and others in my position. For the past three months, since my return from France on March 13, I have remained carefully cloistered in our cabin in the woods in northeast Pennsylvania. In a long telehealth conversation with my pulmonologist of 30-plus years, I recently arrived at the disturbing conclusion that I may be unable to return to my New York City apartment, or visit my family in Paris, for years.

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