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Obama blasts Trump's foreign bank account

Former President Barack Obama attacked President Trump's continued business dealings with China and his recently revealed foreign bank account while campaigning in support of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

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Opinion: Trump and Giuliani may be useful to Putin, but they're no idiots

President Donald Trump is a consistent creature in a lot of respects, especially when it comes to helping Russia and hurting the US. For years, Trump has engaged in behavior that makes Russian President Vladimir Putin's job of sowing discord, spreading disinformation and undermining our democracy a lot easier -- especially when Trump thinks it might benefit him. Trump has also signaled that he's open to receiving dirt on a political rival from a foreign country. What's more, no other President has a friends-and-family list so littered with people with connections to Russia.

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Feds chased suspected foreign link to Trump's 2016 campaign cash for 3 years

For more than three years, federal prosecutors investigated whether money flowing through an Egyptian state-owned bank could have backed millions of dollars Donald Trump donated to his own campaign days before he won the 2016 election, multiple sources familiar with the investigation told CNN. CNN's Evan Perez reports.

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Obama: Trump's lack of 'patience' and 'focus' hold back his foreign policy

Former President Barack Obama said Wednesday that President Donald Trump lacks the needed "patience" and "focus" to make substantial changes to American foreign policy, previewing a possible attack line as the former President prepares to return to the campaign trail for Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

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Opinion: The conflict we can't ignore

While the world is preoccupied with the Covid-19 pandemic, the regional conflict in the remote separatist enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh is threatening to escalate into a wider war on the doorsteps of Europe and Asia. Saturday's Russia-brokered ceasefire has already crumbled, with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov acknowledging Monday that hostilities were continuing.

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US revokes visa of Ukrainian Giuliani ally

The US State Department revoked the visa of a former Ukrainian diplomat who has worked with Republicans to spread baseless conspiracy theories about the Biden family and foreign meddling in 2016, American and Ukrainian officials told CNN on Monday.

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Trump's illness raises national security concerns as Pentagon looks to reassure public

Military leaders moved quickly to reassure the American public Friday that it was business as usual at the Pentagon despite President Donald Trump's announcement that he tested positive for coronavirus, making it clear in the hours that followed there was no indication of an immediate threat to the US homeland from a foreign adversary.

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Is Donald Trump leading America toward a Belarusian model presidency?

The very foundations of America's legitimacy on the world stage could eventually rest, at least in part, on the question of just how many other countries would even recognize a president who failed to win a clear mandate of the American electorate, and whose victory was based less on a true electoral mandate than on some form of judicial or legal manipulation. This scenario would not be unlike the situation of any number of foreign leaders of questionable legitimacy who have rumbled into office and retained their power on the strength of brute force or simply hubris.

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