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Florida Republican senator says he has Covid-19

Republican Sen. Rick Scott of Florida said in a statement Friday morning he has tested positive with Covid-19, adding to the number of lawmakers in recent days that have tested positive with the virus.

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What 2020 reveals about Latino voters

The heightened media attention to the Latino vote reached a spectacular climax during this year's general election, with a higher total than expected going to the Republican side. Yet while many pundits have pointed to this increase as a significant factor in President Donald Trump's victory in Florida and Texas, the overall picture shows not only that Joe Biden's support among the majority of Latinos -- around 70% helped deliver victories in key swing states, but also a striking increase in participation that will cement the importance of the Latino electorate in future elections.

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Hear why these Latinos voted differently

A majority of Latinos in Florida voted for President Trump, but in Arizona Latinos favored Joe Biden. Latinos are the biggest ethnic or racial minority in the United States, with 32 million eligible voters. See why courting their vote is not that simple.

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Why CNN crew had to leave GOP rally in Georgia

As the race for Georgia's two US Senate seats heats up, Georgia's two Republican senators held an indoor, mostly maskless rally with Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio. CNN's Kyung Lah reports.

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GOP strategist: Why Trump's communism talks worked

CNN's Political Commentator Ana Navarro says the Latino votes in the battleground state of Arizona may not be like Florida, where Republicans have caused Latino voters to believe that voting Democratic is like voting for communism.

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