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Ex-Finnish PM has a theory about what Putin is really afraid of

Alexander Stubb, the former Prime Minister of Finland and director of the School of Transnational Governance at the European University Institute, says that Russian President Vladimir Putin dreams of a return to Russia's empire of the 19th century and is afraid of the Europeanization of Ukraine.

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Nuclear energy scares people. The climate crisis is giving it another chance

Growing up in Finland, Iida Ruishalme had a deep affinity for nature — particularly the forest, where she loved to go trekking with her dogs. Now, she's worried that her daughters won't experience such idyllic days as the climate crisis accelerates. So last month, she boarded a night train from Switzerland to join protests in the German capital Berlin.

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See giant snow artwork from above

The artwork, which stretches across 160 meters (525 feet), was carved in the snow on a golf course in Finland.  

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More than 400 people stranded after ferry runs aground in Finland

Some 331 passengers and 98 crew members are stranded after the MS Viking Grace, a large passenger ferry, ran aground Saturday afternoon off the coast of Mariehamn, in the Finnish archipelago of the Aland Islands, according to the Finnish Coast Guard.

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