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'Dune' review

To anyone who remembers seeing David Lynch's 1984 version of "Dune" and thinking, "OK, so that happened," director Denis Villeneuve has conjured a far more coherent narrative filled with stunning images and massive machinery. He has also split the book into two films, leaving audiences to consume the less compelling first half before ending somewhat abruptly in the middle.

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Burj Al Arab: Legendary hotel opens to non-guests for first time

Showers embellished with 24-carat gold tiles. Duvets filled with eiderdown harvested from abandoned duck nests in Iceland. Pillow menus. Thirty different types of marble. A ceiling made of 21,000 Swarovski crystals representing the Milky Way. These are just some of the luxuries that await at Dubai's Burj Al Arab, one of the world's most exclusive hotels.

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Review: 'Venom: Let There Be Carnage' could use some brains in more ways than one

Two head-chomping symbiotes aren't better than one in "Venom: Let There Be Carnage," a mind-numbingly tiresome sequel, filled with uninspired comedy and a CGI monster fight that seems to drag on forever. Although this falls under the Sony umbrella, it represents most toothless enterprise under Marvel's banner since its cinematic march began in 2008.

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'The Many Saints of Newark' is more than a 'Sopranos' origin story

Fourteen years after "The Sopranos" ended in much-debated fashion, "The Many Saints of Newark" reopens that universe, wisely going back decades before those events. Yet what sounds like a Tony Soprano origin story really focuses on other characters, in a richly detailed movie filled with enough new material and callbacks to accommodate a limited series, which might have been the more interesting approach.

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Opinion: The US military needs to do more than apologize for its deadly 'mistake' in Kabul

On August 29, a US drone strike killed 10 members of one family in Kabul. That same day, the Pentagon announced that the operation successfully targeted a suicide bomber affiliated with ISIS-K, who had allegedly filled a car with explosives as part of a suspected plan to attack the Hamid Karzai International Airport, where US troops raced to complete their evacuation operation a day before their deadline.

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This is what happens to all the rats when cities flood

In the wake of Hurricane Ida, the pummeling rain that hit cities up and down the East Coast at the start of September overwhelmed storm drains, poured into subway stations and filled basements like bathtubs. The devastating human toll is well known. Less clear is what happened to the denizens of those cities' subterranean depths: the rats.

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Woodward/Costa book details GOP infighting over how to handle Trump after election loss

In their new book "Peril," Bob Woodward and Robert Costa document how top Republicans struggled to manage Donald Trump's exit from the White House while also trying to convince him to help the party down the road. Filled with scenes of backbiting, temper tantrums, and expletive-filled phone calls, the book depicts a GOP in chaos, desperately trying to preserve its relationship with Trump.

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Despite divides, vaccines are now as popular as Christmas trees

The American landscape is filled with divisive issues that split the country down the middle. But while a sizable portion of American adults remain unvaccinated, we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that the campaign to vaccinate Americans against Covid-19 has increasingly overcome the typical political divide.

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Opinion: Are we truly all together in a storm?

I drove up to the mechanic with a shaking engine on Thursday last week. It was one of the smallest issues an engine could have. He told me, "You can drive away, so we aren't going to help you." I didn't know a hurricane was coming until that moment. He said there were at least 17 cars needing fixing so their owners could leave town. I filled my gas to the brim before driving home.

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