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Pediatrician: The truth about reopening schools during Covid

We all know that schools play a central and crucial role in the lives of children. But President Donald Trump, without clear plans to contain the coronavirus in communities where it is currently surging, has threatened to defund schools that don't open up in the fall. This move would be detrimental to children, their parents and teachers, adding more fear and confusion during an already chaotic time. (As CNN's Tami Luhby writes, the President can't unilaterally cut current federal support of schools, but "could try to restrict some recent pandemic relief funding or refuse to sign future education grants and bailouts, and any reductions in federal funding would hit schools hard.")

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Terms of Michael Cohen's return to prison under scrutiny

After spending the past several weeks on New York's tony Upper East Side, Michael Cohen has found himself back in federal prison after a dispute with the government over what his lawyers say were restrictions designed to prevent him from finishing a book about the president.

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Trump implies he's ready to grant clemency to Roger Stone

President Donald Trump implied in a pair of interviews Thursday that he was ready to grant clemency to Roger Stone, his friend and ally who was convicted of, among other things, lying to federal investigators and is set to go to prison this month.

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Mask Trump, unmask his taxes

If you apply for a federally backed mortgage, you must turn over your tax returns. If you are a minor applying for student loans you must turn over your (and your parents') tax returns. If you are being sued for divorce or over child support you must turn over your tax returns. If you are using online software to do your taxes -- and remember to file by July 15! -- you likely already have turned over your tax returns to the web. And if you are Finnish, your tax information gets turned over to the public for you every November 1, locally known as National Jealousy Day.

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SCOTUS rules broad swath of Oklahoma is Native American land

The Supreme Court said Thursday that a large swath of eastern Oklahoma, including Tulsa, is Native American land for purposes of federal criminal law in a decision that the state argued could call into question thousands of state prosecutions for serious crimes.

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Manhattan federal prosecutor ousted by Barr to testify before House panel

Geoffrey Berman, the former US attorney in Manhattan fired last month following a tense standoff with Attorney General William Barr, will appear on Capitol Hill Thursday in House Democrats' latest push to scrutinize what they charge is unprecedented politicization of the Justice Department.

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Court's contraception ruling spotlights Trump's end goal

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court gave a green light to the Trump administration's rules allowing employers to deny their employees insurance coverage for birth control on moral or religious grounds. Unfortunately, that's no surprise. The Republican Party has long opposed the birth control benefit in the Affordable Care Act, requiring coverage for birth control, and Republican leaders including President Trump have made it a priority to stack federal courts with judges hostile to social progress and ready to assert control over the bodies of women.

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US commits $1.6 billion to Covid-19 vaccine maker Novavax

"Operation Warp Speed," the federal government's Covid-19 vaccine program, on Tuesday announced the largest government Covid-19 vaccine contract to date -- a $1.6 billion contract with Novavax, a Maryland biotech company.

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Ghislaine Maxwell transferred to a Brooklyn federal detention facility

Ghislaine Maxwell, the onetime girlfriend and alleged accomplice of accused sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, was transferred on Monday to a Brooklyn federal detention facility as she awaits her first appearance in a New York courtroom, according to a Bureau of Prisons spokesman.

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Government releases borrower details for small-business relief program

After withering pressure from lawmakers, the federal government on Monday released data on hundreds of thousands of borrowers from the $660 billion Paycheck Protection Program -- the main relief vehicle for small and mid-size companies suffering from the pandemic lockdowns.

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