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House to vote to extend debt ceiling through early December

The House of Representatives is expected to vote Tuesday to extend the nation's debt limit through early December after the Senate approved a stopgap measure last week in a bid to avert a catastrophic default and economic disaster.

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UK coastline shifting rapidly due to climate crisis

Conservationists in the UK are warning that important sand dune habitats are being severely impacted by changing weather patterns and more intense storms. In some parts of the country, coastal erosion is so bad that more than 65 feet of coastline are expected to disappear in the next two decades. Salma Abdelaziz reports.

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Wall Street isn't sweating the mixed jobs report

America added far fewer jobs in September than expected, but investors didn't seem too disappointed: Stocks were flat Friday as Wall Street took solace that the unemployment rate continues to drop after the pandemic-fueled spike last year.

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Facebook whistleblower to talk to January 6 committee

The Facebook whistleblower who released thousands of documents that she says shows the company knows its platforms are used to spread hate, violence and misinformation is expected to meet with the House select committee investigating the January 6 riot at the US Capitol as soon as Thursday, three sources with knowledge tell CNN.

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Here's the next step for the stopgap funding bill

The Senate passed a stopgap funding bill on Thursday to avert a shutdown by extending government funding through December 3. The bill next heads to the House, which is also expected to approve the measure.

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See rare tornado strike Germany town

The unexpected tornado tore through Kiel, Germany where social media videos captured uprooted trees and objects flying through the air.

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The saga of 'No Time to Die' as told by the team who made it

Mr. Bond, we've been expecting you. No film in the 007 franchise has had quite the wait, nor lived under the weight of expectation, like "No Time To Die." A change of director, nearly half a dozen release dates, a studio sale and a global pandemic couldn't defeat the British spy, but he's never been challenged like this before. Six tumultuous years after the last movie, the final chapter of the Daniel Craig era has arrived.

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