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Obsidian 'spirit mirror' used by Elizabeth I's adviser has Aztec origins

An obsidian "spirit mirror" used by a confidant of Queen Elizabeth I is actually a product of the Aztec culture, according to new research. An analysis of the obsidian mirror, made from volcanic glass, and three other similar objects at the British Museum revealed their Mexican origins.

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HHS takes a different approach with new ad to encourage vaccines

The US Department of Health and Human Services has launched a new ad campaign that features real-life selfie videos shot by unvaccinated people, who became seriously ill with Covid-19, in an effort to get more Americans vaccinated. CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports.

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In the Elizabeth Holmes criminal case, the media is also on trial

For a time, Elizabeth Holmes was a media darling. The college dropout who started her blood-testing company Theranos at 19 graced the cover of magazines such as Forbes, Fortune, and Inc. in her signature black turtleneck to help cultivate her image as "the next Steve Jobs." She was upheld as a rare female founder who'd raised significant sums of capital to drive her startup towards an eye-popping $9 billion valuation.

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What we learned this week in the trial of Elizabeth Holmes

It was an eventful week in the closely-watched trial of Elizabeth Holmes, with witnesses who included scientists, medical professionals, a patient and even the former US Secretary of Defense laying out how the promise of Holmes' blood testing company Theranos fell apart.

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Prince Philip's will to be kept secret for 90 years

The will of Prince Philip, the late husband of Britain's Queen Elizabeth, will be sealed and remain private for at least 90 years to preserve the monarch's dignity, a judge at London's High Court has ruled.

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Walmart tests self-driving delivery cars

Walmart is testing a driverless car, in partnership with Ford and Argo AI, that delivers your order straight to your door. HLN's Elizabeth Prann reports.

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Former Theranos lab worker details testing concerns

Erika Cheung, a former Theranos lab worker turned whistleblower, testified Wednesday during the trial of founder Elizabeth Holmes about how she grew increasingly uncomfortable about the startup's ability to accurately conduct blood tests on patients.

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Opinion: Elizabeth Holmes' surprising defense

Elizabeth Holmes, Silicon Valley's one-time darling for founding and leading the now failed biotech company Theranos, is on trial in one of the most highly anticipated criminal fraud cases in the country -- and one of her potential defense strategies is not what you might expect.

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