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Opinion: Three terrible presidential transitions that hurt America

More than two weeks after Election Day, President Donald Trump still refuses to concede the race to former Vice President Joe Biden. Some high-ranking former officials from Trump's own administration (most recently his former chief of staff, John Kelly) have called for a smooth transition. And yet, many Republicans in Congress continue to stand by the President.

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The President is still adhering to the same hands-off approach that led so many voters to reject his leadership on Election Day

Joe Biden has spent these early days as President-elect pleading with Americans to pay attention to the relentless surge of Covid-19 -- with deaths averaging more than 1,000 a day in the past week -- as President Donald Trump continues to ignore the deepening crisis and touts the promises of yet-to-be-approved vaccines as his panacea.

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Angered by Facebook and Twitter, conservatives jump to alternatives

Among tweets containing baseless claims about election results, Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo echoed a rallying cry of many prominent conservative voices in a tweet shortly after Election Day: "I will be leaving [Twitter] soon and going to Parler. Please open an account on @parler right away."

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How Pfizer vaccine news affects coronavirus control

The latest surge of Covid-19 infections in the US could not be occurring at a worse time -- not just because the winter and influenza seasons are approaching or because the entire country is already worn down by the pandemic, but rather because we have entered into the lame-duck period between Election Day and the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden on January 20, 2021. This interval is a non-trivial 5% of the entire Donald Trump presidency.

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Pennsylvania AG: All legal ballots will be counted

More than 140 million people across this nation cast a ballot to make their voice heard. We owe this historic turnout, and the remarkably smooth Election Day, to the hard work of public servants in communities across the country -- running polling sites and counting ballots.

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