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Trump's legal woes are piling up

Former President Donald Trump is facing mounting legal trouble from five separate investigations in New York, Georgia and Washington DC. CNN's Sara Murray reports.

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The accountability era begins

Immediately following his impeachment acquittal, former President Donald Trump issued a statement saying his movement "has only just begun." He is right about one thing: Something has only just begun, but it's not another chapter of the conspiracies and lies to which Trump clings. The movement that just got kicked into high gear is an era of accountability.

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'Chilling and ominous': SE Cupp on how Trump could still pardon himself

President Donald Trump issued a raft of 11th-hour pardons and commutations early Wednesday that included his onetime political strategist, a former top fundraiser and two well-known rappers but not himself or his family. CNN's SE Cupp discusses how Trump could still pardon himself.

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Trump's impeachment trial looms as Congress prepares for Biden administration

There are just days to go until President-elect Joe Biden is sworn in, Donald Trump is no longer President and Democrats take control of the US Senate, but rank-and-file members on Capitol Hill are still waiting for signals from leadership about what the first month of Biden's presidency will look like.

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What comes next?

President Donald Trump is about to be impeached again -- the first leader in US history to be impeached twice by the House.

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GOP lawmakers' fiery language under more scrutiny after deadly Capitol riot

As he fired up a crowd of Trump supporters gathered at Arizona's state capitol last month, Rep. Paul Gosar falsely assured them that the election results could still be overturned. "Once we conquer the Hill," the six-term Republican declared to a wave of cheers, "Donald Trump is returned to being the president."

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Impeaching Trump isn't enough

Impeachment of President Donald Trump is necessary but not enough. Conviction, too, is amply warranted but still insufficient. Congress must take that final step and use its rarely invoked constitutional power to disqualify Trump from ever again holding federal office.

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