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Avril Haines' appointment will make the world safer

For almost four years, President Donald Trump has trashed the American intelligence community. He's appointed political acolytes to top national security jobs, pilloried expert analysis and polluted intelligence with his personal politics. But with President-elect Joe Biden's nomination of Avril Haines as Director of National Intelligence, we will soon have a reliable expert leading our intelligence community.

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Opinion: What's next for the Trump show?

Here's a surprise (not). President Donald Trump has formed a political action committee that will be able to solicit and accept donations from an unlimited number of people and lavish it on preferred political allies -- not to mention fund his own political activity by underwriting travel, salaries, polling and other expenses.

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Trump's eldest children split on his path forward

President Donald Trump has long sought advice from different perspectives throughout his career, but at a pivotal moment in defining his legacy as President, he is receiving conflicting advice from his closest and most trusted advisers -- his eldest children -- as he strategizes his next move in the wake of his election loss.

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The Covid-19 lessons Trump didn't learn

Although the result of the presidential election remains in the balance, there is no doubt in my mind President Donald Trump has run a historically bad campaign. At the root of his problem was his decision to put politics ahead of good policy. Case in point: failing to mobilize a national effort to fight the pandemic because he thought that owning the responsibility for a public health crisis was bad politics.

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