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Analysis: Trump is losing a must-win state

Absentee ballots start getting mailed to North Carolina voters in just 33 days, and a new CBS News/YouGov poll reveals ominous news for President Donald Trump in the Tar Heel state.

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Opinion: What's behind Trump's bizarre suggestion

On the same day that three former US presidents joined in a moving tribute to civil rights hero John Lewis and just after the release of government data showing the worst quarterly plunge in economic activity ever recorded, President Donald Trump tried to seize control of the news agenda with a jaw-dropping suggestion: Consider delaying the November election.

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CNN analyst: This is the latest sign that Trump is in trouble

CNN analyst Harry Enten explains recent polling that shows some historically Republican states could be more competitive leading into the 2020 presidential election, and other factors that could make President Donald Trump's reelection challenging.

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The problem with Trump's hair-raising 2020 battle plan

Remember how President Donald Trump used to say, "No collusion," at every chance, to stave off -- among other things -- impeachment? He's now using a similar craft-a-narrative tactic, this time hoping it will help him stay in office: He blasts mail-in voting incessantly.

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Analysis: Trump's message isn't working

President Donald Trump's campaign made a tacit admission when it went dark with its TV advertising this weekend to assess their strategy: The President's message simply isn't working.

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Rubio 'not concerned' about mail-in voting in Florida

Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said Saturday he is not concerned about mail-in voting in the 2020 election in his home state -- an issue that President Donald Trump has frequently and falsely derided as a threat to election security.

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Rep. Clyburn: I'd rather be hated than disrespected

House Majority Whip Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) tells CNN's Chris Cuomo why he believes President Donald Trump has "tremendous disrespect" in his heart for people "who do not look like him."

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Trump releases his 2019 financial disclosure report

Three of President Donald Trump's marquee properties -- Mar-a-Lago, Trump National Doral and his Trump International Hotel in Washington -- reported a mixed revenue record in 2019, according to a financial disclosure form provided to the federal government.

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