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Alyssa Milano: Pay moms for getting us through this crisis

In December, following the Thanksgiving holiday when lockdowns again became necessary because millions of people selfishly decided to ignore Covid-19 guidelines, the economy lost 140,000 jobs. On its own, that's bad enough, but it's not even close to the whole story. The truly shocking part is that women made up 100% of those job losses, losing a total of 156,000 jobs, while men gained 16,000 jobs that month. While women fared better than men in the January jobs report, 275,000 left the labor force that month.

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Airbnb and DoorDash went public at the same time

Airbnb and DoorDash went public the same week in early December and were both met with strong demand from investors. But in their first earnings reports as publicly traded companies on Thursday, the two sharing economy businesses signaled very different possible paths forward after the pandemic ends.

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My baby and I are safer with the Covid-19 vaccine

Several years ago, my husband, Steve, and I decided that the ideal time for us to start a family would be soon after I entered my thirties, when we also hoped to relocate to somewhere more spacious than we could afford in our beloved Brooklyn. We celebrated my 30th birthday in December 2019, never suspecting that in a few short months everyone's lives would be upended.

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Canada's elderly are 'terrified' vaccines may not come soon enough

Back in December 2020, Canada's coronavirus vaccination campaign looked promising as first doses were administered. But two months later supplies are down to a trickle and some of the country's elderly population is concerned. CNN's Paula Hancocks reports on what's gone wrong.

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WHO Wuhan mission finds possible signs of wider original outbreak in 2019

Investigators from the World Health Organization (WHO) looking into the origins of coronavirus in China have discovered signs the outbreak was much wider in Wuhan in December 2019 than previously thought, and are urgently seeking access to hundreds of thousands of blood samples from the city that China has not so far let them examine.

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Attorney is asked when Trump knew the Capitol was breached

Asked for specifics about when former President Donald Trump learned of the Capitol breach and what actions he took to end the chaos, defense attorney Michael van der Veen referenced an incomplete timeline dating back to December 2020 and suggested that House impeachment managers failed to address the topic in their presentation.

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Dr. Gupta: Vaccines, despite variants, are good news

As a third vaccine against Covid-19 stands ready to be evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration for emergency use authorization, I feel the same awe and thrill that I did back in December when the first vaccine took that same consequential step.

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Netflix's 'Bridgerton' is leading a romance novel renaissance

There's no question that "Bridgerton," the saucy Regency-era "Netflix" series, has hit iconic status. In a few short weeks since its December 2020 release, it's become the most popular show in the platform's history and secured a shoo-in second season. It's also courted legions of devoted followers who delight in the show's frothy, yet culturally au courant portrayal of a bygone British era (and abs. They also like the abs).

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How Biden can fix the vaccine bottleneck

In December, President Joe Biden set a vaccination target of 100 million doses in his first 100 days. During his first week in office, however, healthcare workers were already meeting the goal of administering an average of 1 million doses a day. While Biden has already raised the bar, saying he hopes to get to 1.5 million doses a day, the new administration can and should do more to accelerate the vaccine rollout.

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Wisconsin pharmacist to plead guilty to tampering with Covid-19 vaccine vials

The Wisconsin hospital pharmacist who in December allegedly removed 57 vials of Covid-19 vaccine from cold storage because he believed the vaccine could harm people has signed a plea agreement "acknowledging that he was guilty" of trying to make the vaccine ineffective, the Department of Justice said.

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Bulletproof vests and gas masks: Journalists prep for inauguration

At the end of December, Los Angeles Times Washington Bureau Chief Kimbriell Kelly was looking at getting Moleskine notebooks as gifts for her staff. A couple weeks later, she was procuring goods of a decidedly different kind: gas masks, helmets and body armor for LA Times staff members who will be attending Wednesday's inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden.

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