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Why the first state vaccine pass isn't ready for prime time

In a bid to facilitate the reopening of businesses, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has announced that a digital Excelsior Pass would be available free of charge to all New Yorkers wishing to reveal accurate Covid-19 information about themselves in return for admission to places like Madison Square Garden.

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NY lawmakers promise wide-ranging impeachment investigation into Cuomo

A New York State Assembly committee that is conducting an impeachment investigation into Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo publicly met with attorneys for the first time on Tuesday and promised a wide-ranging review of his conduct, with a scope that will go beyond sexual harassment allegations and his handling of nursing home deaths due to Covid-19.

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Investigations into Cuomo heat up as new controversies arise

After stiff-arming calls for his resignation from leading state Democratic lawmakers, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is staking his political fate on the outcome of a pair of independent investigations into allegations he sexually harassed or behaved inappropriately toward several women.

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Cuomo slams McConnell's 'scorched earth' threat

CNN's Chris Cuomo looks at threats from Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell to Democrats over a sweeping election bill recently passed in the House and former President Trump saying Republican elections will be hard if that bill passes.

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Cuomo's strategy for getting through scandal: Focus on his job

In the eyes of those close to Andrew Cuomo, the way through the scandal that threatens to sink the three-term New York governor is to focus on the work that made him popular just a short time ago: combating the coronavirus crisis, getting people vaccinated and ensuring the state budget is approved.

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Opinion: Gov. Cuomo's future may rest on more than the merits of the case against him

The argument for impeaching New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is increasingly compelling. There have now been several seemingly credible allegations of sexual harassment against Cuomo indicating a pattern of behavior that should disqualify him from a position of leadership and influence. Additionally, reports that the Cuomo administration deliberately undercounted deaths in nursing homes in the early days of the pandemic further undermine his standing. Cuomo has denied all of these allegations and has even suggested that he is a victim of "cancel culture," though he did apologize for "making anyone feel uncomfortable."

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50% of New York voters say Cuomo should not immediately resign, poll finds

Half of New York state registered voters do not believe Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo should immediately resign, a poll released on Monday by Siena College finds, despite mounting pressure for him to step aside in the wake of allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior, as well as his handling of Covid-19 deaths at state nursing homes.

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Why Cuomo's fall from grace should have happened years ago

As a growing number of women have come forward to accuse New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment, unwanted touching and inappropriate behavior, he is facing mounting pressure from members of his own party -- including Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York -- to resign.

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