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Michelle Obama and Melinda Gates: We can't ignore adolescent girls in Covid-19 response

Today should have been a school day for 15-year-old Fortunate Ayomirwoth. But for the past five months, her school has been closed. Fortunate now spends her days at home in a small suburb of Kampala, Uganda, doing chores, caring for her four younger siblings, and hoping there will be enough food to eat. Since her mother lost her job, money has been tight -- and for Fortunate, her window of opportunity feels like it, too, is getting tighter.

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Covid-19 shutdown causes new risk at CDC: Legionnaire's disease

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it has closed several buildings it leases in Atlanta because Legionella bacteria have been found in their water systems -- bacteria that likely grew because of the prolonged pandemic shutdown.

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Italy prepares to return to school ... with saws

Italy, the first Covid-19 epicenter outside of China, has used an aggressive testing regime and face coverings to beat back a second wave of the pandemic so far. But as the nation's children prepare to return to the classroom, many schools are taking matters into their own hands -- by chopping up the furniture.

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Georgia teachers honk horns in protest of return to school

Teachers in Gwinnett County, Georgia staged a socially distant protest Thursday of the district's plan for students to return to school as hundreds of district employees have tested positive for Covid-19 or are in quarantine because of potential exposure.

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