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Truckers warn of border chaos as Brexit trade talks stall

The truckers and transportation companies that bring food and medicine into Britain say the country is not prepared for the end of free trade with the European Union, which could mean severe disruption to supplies and another blow for the battered UK economy.

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'George Eliot' among 25 female writers being republished using their real names

Victorian-era writer Mary Ann Evans is often heralded as the literary force behind one of Britain's greatest ever novels, "Middlemarch." But for much of her life, and even today, she is better known by her male pseudonym, George Eliot, which she adopted to conceal her gender at a time when women were excluded from intellectual circles.

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UK suspends Hong Kong extradition treaty

The UK will suspend its extradition treaty with Hong Kong with immediate effect and Britain's arms embargo on China will be extended to the semi-autonomous city.

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Analysis: Britain might like to follow Trump's lead on China. But it's hardly in a position to call the shots

When the UK announced its U-turn on allowing the Chinese telecoms giant Huawei to play a part in the country's 5G network, it signaled an end to the so-called "golden era" of UK-China relations. To the delight of US President Donald Trump, the UK would seemingly no longer equivocate on its national security in order to balance its relationship with China -- and would instead adopt something closer to a US-style hard line.

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