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The US already had a housing crisis. Covid-19 has only made it worse

Martha Escudero had been living with her two young daughters on the couches and in the spare rooms of friends and family in Los Angeles for about a year and a half. It had always been uncomfortable, but the coronavirus pandemic made it dangerous: it was impossible to social distance in a home full of people. So she took over an empty house, owned by the state of California.

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Analysis: How much trouble is Sen. Richard Burr actually in?

On Wednesday night, federal agents seized a cell phone belonging to Richard Burr, according to the Los Angeles Times, as part of a broader investigation into stock sales made by the North Carolina Republican senator in the lead-up to the nationwide closures due to the coronavirus.

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Summer in Los Angeles won't be the same without the Hollywood Bowl

The walk up the hill leading to the entrance of the Hollywood Bowl had made me a little sweatier than I cared to admit to my handsome companion. Thankfully, the sun that had stalked us much of the 90-degree day was giving off its last light and the balmy air was settling around us.

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