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Opinion: Reckoning with the Trump effect on school reopening

It's already summer and we still have no answer to the question of how to reopen schools in the fall, but at least most of us are familiar with the conundrum. Children mostly may not experience the worst of Covid-19 it seems, but they can bring it home to their parents, grandparents and others family members who may be more vulnerable. Similarly, there are real health concerns for adults who work in schools, particularly those who are older or have preexisting conditions. There is also a conflict between the economic reality that the economy cannot recover if children cannot go to school and the biological reality that if school reopens many more Americans could die.

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How US can keep death toll far below the 100,000 projection

On Tuesday, the White House projected an alarming possibility: Between 100,000 and 240,000 Americans could die from the Covid-19 pandemic, despite the efforts in place to minimize the spread of the disease. Yet these 100,000 to 240,000 deaths are not inevitable. Far from it. As of Thursday night there have been around 5,850 to date in the US, and of the 242,000 active cases, unfortunately several thousand are likely to die. But the US could still keep the death toll well below 100,000. It all depends on our public policy, and especially on our public health system.

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Analysis: Trump contradicts reality and his own top expert

America's top infectious diseases expert is warning that hundreds of thousands of Americans could die unless every citizen joins an effort to blunt the coronavirus pandemic -- only to be contradicted by President Donald Trump, who insists the virus is under "tremendous" control.

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