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US delegation will meet with Taliban reps

A US delegation will travel to meet with "senior Taliban representatives from Kabul" in Doha, Qatar, this weekend, a State Department official said Friday -- the first such meeting since the US withdrawal from Afghanistan at the end of August.

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Top US general faces wave of GOP attacks over Trump-era actions

Top US General Mark Milley appeared before Congress this week to defend Pentagon decision making in Afghanistan but instead found himself fighting a personal battle with lawmakers who charged that he has been more preoccupied with rehabilitating and burnishing his own image.

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Where is the outrage for Ethiopia?

The sudden fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban has rightly drawn much of the world's ire and attention. Fears of women's rights and civil liberties being swept aside by Islamic extremism, along with trepidation about the country's threat to regional stability, have all justly triggered global concern.

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Opinion: Top US generals punch holes in Joe Biden's defense of Afghanistan withdrawal

Top American generals warned President Joe Biden that the Afghan military would collapse. Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, said in essence on Tuesday that both former President Donald Trump and Biden had botched negotiations with the Taliban -- and the net result of the US actions was a "logistical success but a strategic failure."

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Clarissa Ward is back in Kabul. Here's what she's seeing

Women will no longer be allowed to attend classes or work at Kabul University "until an Islamic environment is created," the school's new Taliban-appointed chancellor announced, in the latest move excluding Afghanistan's women from public life. CNN's Clarissa Ward reports.

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Gen. Mark Milley is set to testify on the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, and that could open him up to questions about his time serving the ex-President

Former President Donald Trump shows every sign of aspiring to a new presidency that would shake America's democracy to its core. But a highly charged congressional hearing Tuesday will underscore the institutional and political wreckage still smoldering in the wake of his first White House term.

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