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UK Stocks-Factors to watch on Nov 26

Britain's FTSE 100 index is seen opening 16 points higher at 7,412 on Tuesday, according to financial bookmakers. * BT: Britain's BT Group Plc is looking for a new broadband equipment supplier as it plans to roll out full-fibre broadband to millions of homes by the mid-2020s, the communications services company said on Monday. * NATIONAL GRID: National Grid Plc on Monday agreed to pay $36 million in response to an ultimatum from New York Governor Andrew Cu

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Funds target 'unknown' stocks as Wall Street cuts analyst jobs

NEW YORK (Reuters) - With a nearly 30-percent gain in 2017, shares of industrial products maker Handy & Harman Ltd are outpacing hot stocks like Google-parent Alphabet Inc and Visa Inc. Yet few on Wall Street have ever heard of the $412-million market-cap company, in large part because no sell-side research analysts publish any estimates of its earnings.

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