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6-year-old girl vanishes from her front yard

She was last seen playing in her front yard after getting home from school, but her family hasn't seen her since. Now, more than 250 officers and investigators in Cayce, South Carolina, are desperately searching for 6-year-old Faye Marie Swetlik.

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Uzbekistan evacuates 250 from China

Uzbekistan has evacuated 250 people from China amid the coronavirus outbreak and will place them in quarantine after their arrival in Tashkent, the Central Asian nation's state airline said on Tuesday.

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No FTSE 100 companies will go ex-div on Jan 30

No FTSE 100 companies will go ex-dividend on Thursday. Among FTSE 250 companies going ex-dividend are: (RIC) COMPANY DIVIDEND(GB p) FORESIGHT SOLAR 0.0169 IG GROUP 0.1296 SCHRODER ORIENT 0.019 VICTREX 0.4614 (Compiled by Danilo Masoni, edited by Julien Ponthus)

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