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Researchers say this man got Covid-19 twice

With the US death toll from coronavirus passing 177,000, researchers in China say a 33-year-old man living in in Hong Kong is the first person confirmed to have been reinfected with the virus. CNN's Brian Todd reports.

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Opinion: Harry and Meghan aren't actually quitting the family business

When I was 16 years old, I joined Republic, the British organization which campaigns to abolish the monarchy. Americans, it has always seemed to me, got this one right in 1776. Why afford political power and taxpayer-funded luxury to a bunch of people on the basis of their bloodline? This is the digital age, not Game of Thrones.

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Ivory Coast cocoa season grindings up 8% to 455,000 T- exporters

*Ivory Coast cocoa grinders had processed 455,000 tonnes of beans since the start of the season in October to the end of July, data from exporters' association GEPEX showed on Friday. *This is up 8% from 421,000 tonnes during same period last season. *Grinders processed 48,000 tonnes of beans in July, up from 42,000 tonnes in the same month of the previous season. *Ivory Coast's 2018/19 season Q3 grind reached 177,262 tonnes, up from 171,440 tonnes a year before. *The

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Best places to watch fireworks on July 4th

America's 243st birthday is upon us, and nothing signifies July Fourth like fireworks, a tradition that dates back to July 4, 1777. In recent years, folks have had 15,000 or more fireworks shows around the USA. To help you choose, CNN has compiled some of the best cities and towns that traditionally have great fireworks shows.

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