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Sri Lanka orders night curfew in capital, Colombo

Sri Lankan authorities ordered a curfew in the capital, Colombo, for a second day on Monday, from 8 p.m. (1430 GMT) to 4 a.m (2230 GMT) on Tuesday, the government information department said, a day after a string of bombs killed 290 people and wounded about 500.

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(The following statement was released by the rating agency) TAIPEI, November 20 (Fitch) 惠譽國際信用評等公司今日將德商德意志銀行台北分行(德意志台北)已發行的新台幣十億元、2019年10月到期之無擔保主順位金融債券國內長期評等‘AA(twn)’ 置入負向評等觀察名單。此評等調整繼惠譽於2016年11月3日將母行德意志銀行之長期發行人違約評等‘A- ’置入負向評等觀察名單。 主要評等考量 債券評等 此德意志台北所發行的債券評等與德意志銀行的信用體質一致,對應至國內評等為 'AA(twn)'。評等結果係根據惠譽對金融機構發行主順位金融債券之評等準則。 評等敏感性 債券評等 若母公司德意志銀行的長期發行人違約評等有任何調整將同向影響此債券國內評等。 有關德意志銀行詳細之評等考量及評等敏感性,請參詳惠譽評等新聞稿<a href="">Fitch Places Deutsche Bank on Rati

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Dubai intl airport to resume flights at 1430 gmt-govt

DUBAI, Aug 3 (Reuters) - Dubai international airport will resume flights at 1830 local (1430 GMT), the government's media office said, after traffic was suspended for several hours following the emergency landing of an Emirates Airline plane that subsequently caught fire. (Reporting by Hadeel al Sayegh, David French, Writing by William Maclean)

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