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Keep schools open. Shut down almost everything else

Last Monday night we got the call we've been dreading. The assistant principal told me over the phone that our son, a 13-year-old autistic boy with Down syndrome, had been exposed to Covid-19 the previous week by "someone who works closely with him" in his special education classroom. My wife soon developed symptoms and tested positive, my son's been running a low fever all week and I've had a weird dry cough. Covid has come to our home.

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Opinion: Kim Ng is blazing a trail. Make sure many others follow

As baseball legend has it, in 1950, 13-year-old Kathryn "Tubby" Johnston asked her mother to cut her hair so she could don the uniform of the King's Dairy Little League team and play ball. After playing several games as a boy, by mid-season she let her coach and teammates know about her secret, but her prowess kept her safe at first base despite the jeers from opposing players and their parents.

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Even Fox News pundits praised Joe Biden for this

Michael Smerconish breaks down highlights from the Democratic National Convention, one of the strongest being 13-year-old Braden Harrington. Harrington, who struggles with a stutter similar to one Joe Biden had as a child, may have provided Biden inoculation against attacks on his mental faculties.

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GOP strategist gets emotional over DNC moment

CNN Republican strategist Scott Jennings says the highlight of the fourth night of the DNC was the story of a 13-year-old boy overcoming the insecurity of his stutter.

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13-year-old who stutters: How Biden helped

Thirteen-year-old Brayden Harrington spoke on the final night of the Democratic National Convention about how the party's presidential nominee, Joe Biden, has made him feel more confident about his stutter.

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