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Coronavirus spreading graph comparison between countries

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America's enemies line up to put Biden to the test

• Analysis: Biden's risky decision to end longest US war is a chance to refocus foreign policy • Analysis: Journalists reflect on Afghanistan as Biden prepares to announce troop withdrawal

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The fight to define infrastructure could change America

• Democrats get new tool to allow them to pass legislation without GOP votes • Parliamentarian gives Democrats potential new tool for reconciliation in early ruling • Manchin warns Biden's infrastructure bill is in trouble • Analysis: How Biden's zero-carbon revolution would broaden the energy map

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Dr. Fauci: This may have been the best intervention decision I've ever made

• Analysis: Birx says majority of Covid-19 deaths were preventable • 'It makes me angry': Doctor says Birx failed to do her job • Just 2 states haven't shared when they plan to start vaccinating everyone 16 and older • This country has 500 doctors for 9 million people. Now it's dealing with a Covid outbreak • Analysis: The pandemic is stirring deep resentments in Europe

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Stacey Abrams: The political miracle I'm hoping for

• Analysis: New report shows Russia and GOP have the same goals • US intel report says Russia used Trump allies to influence 2020 election • Senate Democrats set to introduce sweeping bill on voting access

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