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Amazon, Apple and Microsoft race to $2 trillion

Two trillion dollars is a lotta money -- government stimulus and budget deficit kind of money. But three American tech companies each could soon be valued at that 13-digit amount.

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Homeowners are getting mortgage relief they didn't want

As part of its $2 trillion coronavirus aid package, the federal government cleared the way for struggling homeowners to get mortgage relief from lenders. But for some homeowners, the aid may have come too easily.

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Opinion: Hospitals were struggling before the pandemic. Now they face financial disaster

In addition to the devastating loss of life from COVID-19, financial losses to US hospitals across the country will be staggering. The $2 trillion stimulus package provided about $100 billion in financial assistance to health care providers around the country, and the Senate just approved an additional $75 billion for hospitals and $25 billion for testing. But this won't be enough to avoid an inevitable disaster to our country's health care infrastructure.

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Analysis: Is this the most hated man in DC?

Days after Republican Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky forced members of Congress to trek back to Washington amid the coronavirus pandemic to cast an in-person vote on the $2 trillion economic stimulus package, Wyoming GOP Rep. Liz Cheney did the worst thing you can do to an incumbent members of Congress: She donated to Massie's Republican primary opponent.

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Trump removes watchdog overseeing coronavirus emergency funds

President Donald Trump has sidelined the acting Inspector General for the Defense Department, Glenn Fine, and removed him as chair of the newly created Pandemic Response Accountability Committee, which is tasked with overseeing $2 trillion in emergency coronavirus funding.

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Opinion: What Trump can do now to rescue America's factories and farms

As federal, state and local officials race to contain the spread of Covid-19, intense efforts have begun to address the mounting economic damage of the virus. President Trump and the US Congress have passed a $2 trillion fiscal stimulus package to funnel immediate help to American families while minimizing closures and layoffs. But Washington should not overlook one other simple and effective tool: suspending the remaining tariffs on Chinese imports.

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