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DHS bulletin warns of 'diverse and challenging' terrorism threats ahead of holidays

The Department of Homeland Security warned in a new terrorism bulletin Wednesday of a "​​diverse and challenging threat environment" ahead of the holidays, pointing to the spread of violent extremist narratives online, coronavirus pandemic-related stressors and the potential to exploit recent events in Afghanistan.

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Crisis worsens on Poland-Belarus border

Tensions are escalating on the border between Poland and Belarus, after Polish officials again accused their neighbor of helping move migrants toward the frontier, and warned that thousands of additional military personnel have been mobilized to respond to confrontations.

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Covid music ban partially relaxed in Singapore

Singapore is lifting its controversial ban on music in restaurants and bars as part of an easing of coronavirus restrictions -- but authorities have warned business owners they must still keep the noise down.

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Former Bush official who warned about Trump to be named DHS intel chief

President Joe Biden plans to nominate attorney and former Bush administration appointee Kenneth Wainstein to lead the Department of Homeland Security's intelligence division, according to a department official, a step towards permanent leadership at an office plagued by Trump-era controversies.

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Opinion: Mitch McConnell blinked

Mitch McConnell blinked. As business leaders and officials warned of the grave harm a US default on debt could trigger, the Senate minority leader finally offered to provide Republican votes for a short-term suspension of the debt ceiling.

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Goldman Sachs warns of a 'real risk' that US could default

Concern is rising on Wall Street over Washington's debt ceiling game of chicken. Goldman Sachs warned clients on Wednesday that Congress may fail to raise or suspend the debt ceiling prior to the October 18 deadline.

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Opinion: Now is not the time to turn our backs on the unemployed

In March 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic was in its infancy, we warned that the looming unemployment and economic crisis would need a historic government response. For the next 18 months, the federal government delivered just that -- significantly expanding unemployment benefits for a record number of jobless Americans.

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