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Pamela Brown pushes back on Texas state lawmaker's defense of voting bill

CNN's Pamela Brown presses Republican Texas State Senator Bryan Hughes on the bill he authored that will tighten voting restrictions in his state. [Source]

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What FL's attack on voting rights is really about

Like many other GOP-controlled states, Florida has made it even harder to vote, passing a bill to curb access to mail-in voting, implement stricter ID requirements and limit the use of ballot drop-boxes. While signing the bill into law last Thursday, Gov. Ron DeSantis -- barring all Florida press and making the bill signing event a Fox News exclusive -- cooed that this was an achievement for voting "integrity and transparency."

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Republicans continue their nationwide campaign to restrict voting

Republicans in key states intensified their push to roll back access to the ballot this week -- with the GOP-led Texas House passing new voting limits Friday, a day after Florida's Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law an array of new restrictions in his state.

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