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John Roberts shatters Supreme Court expectations

• SCOTUS blocks controversial abortion law • Toobin: Something is going on with Roberts • John Roberts defies Trump and conservatives with another legacy decision • Supreme Court declines border wall case [Source]

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By ruling on Thursday against President Donald Trump's effort to prevent a New York grand jury from getting its hands on his financial documents, the Supreme Court emphatically told Trump that no one -- not even the President of the United States -- is above the law. All nine justices agreed with one aspect of the ruling, that a president does not enjoy absolute immunity from state criminal process. A 7-to-2 majority also ruled that a state grand jury does not need to show a "heightened need" before serving a subpoena on a president. And, when it comes to congressional subpoenas, that solid majority rejected Trump's insistence that the House of Representatives must demonstrate "specific need" before obtaining his financial and banking records.

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