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Musharraf's death sentence is a powerful symbol

The treason case against Pakistan's former President and army Gen. Pervez Musharraf had languished for so long that it seemed that there would never be a verdict. On Tuesday, six years after the case had been filed, a Special Court in Islamabad finally delivered their verdict and sentenced Pervez Musharraf in absentia to death for high treason.

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What we learned from first "total war"

One hundred years ago, on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, World War I ended. Life would never be the same for the more than 65 million men from some 30 nations who fought in it, or for the civilians who experienced the first "total war" in history.

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Trump: Your 2nd Amendment rights are under siege

While speaking to National Rifle Associate members in Dallas, President Trump said our Second Amendment rights were under siege, but they would never be under siege while he was president.

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Senator: 'We're in the twilight zone of legislating'

It was a dramatic turn of events Thursday night when four Republican senators gathered for an impromptu press conference in the Capitol to declare they would only vote for a last-ditch piece of health care legislation if they had a guarantee -- that it would never become law.

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