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Opinion: Trump trial: Ken Starr and no stripes

It's been more than two decades since a President of the United States went on trial in the Senate. Then it was Bill Clinton, today it is Donald Trump. And as different as the two impeachments are, there are some common elements. One that surprised many was Trump's choice this week of Kenneth Starr as one of his defense lawyers. Starr led the controversial investigation of Clinton's relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky that provided the impetus for the impeachment.

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Opinion: Trump's circus of defense lawyers

Before today, I didn't think it was possible to feel sorry for White House Counsel Pat Cipollone. Remember he's quarterbacked the unprecedented stonewalling of the Congressional impeachment process by refusing to turn over documents despite legitimate subpoenas. He has enforced the President's edict to deny Congress witnesses, again despite congressional subpoenas.

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LSU football team welcomed at White House

President Donald Trump held a ceremony on Friday at the White House for the Louisiana State University football team to celebrate their recent national championship game win.

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A Trump cautionary tale for CEOs

Apple CEO Tim Cook has spent years building up reserves of goodwill with the White House — meeting President Donald Trump for dinners, showing him around a Texas factory and appearing alongside Ivanka Trump to promote an education initiative.

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Family's dog gives birth to green puppy

Shana Stamey said she was "freaking out" when she saw her white German Shepherd give birth to a green puppy. The color was caused by meconium, an infant's earlier stool, which the puppy encountered before birth and is temporary, according to veterinarian Suzanne Cianciulli. CNN affiliate WLOS reports.

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