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Biden demands faster drop in gas prices as oil tumbles

• Russia could lose 30% of its oil output within weeks, IEA warns • Natural gas is expensive, dirty and financing war. Here are 5 ways to use less of it • Covid. War. Inflation. Recession fears. The stock market can't keep up

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Europe's biggest economy is on the brink of a winter recession

• Omicron is spreading fast. That's alarming even if it's mild • Live updates: China detects second Omicron case • Italy and 2 other nations now at 'very high' travel risk for Covid-19, CDC warns • Opinion: What Omicron means for the holidays

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A woman who allegedly coughed on a baby no longer has her school district job

• LIVE UPDATES: 'We are still knee-deep in the first wave of this,' Fauci warns • Australia to isolate 6.6M people amid outbreak • Harvard and Princeton announce plans to bring back students for the fall semester • US may deport international students at universities switching to online-only classes

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