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Analysis: This is a major warning sign for Republicans

As the Republican Party continues to figure out what it looks like -- and what it believes -- in the wake of four years of the most radical president in modern memory, new data suggests that the outlook is dire.

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Black executives are leading the fight for justice

Black business leaders' efforts to stop voter suppression in the wake of Georgia's recently enacted voting bill illustrate the vanishing separation between protest and politics in America today. They also embody the work of Georgia's most famous civil rights activist, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Kentucky Gov. Beshear signs into law bipartisan elections bill expanding voting access

Kentucky Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear signed a bipartisan-supported bill into law on Wednesday that expanded voting access by codifying election recount procedures, online absentee ballot portals and early voting procedures -- an exception to the GOP efforts nationwide to overhaul state election rules in the wake of the 2020 election.

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Haberman: Trump had to be talked out of defending Matt Gaetz

New York Times reporter and CNN political analyst Maggie Haberman says that former President Donald Trump's first instinct was to give a full-throated defense of Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) in the wake of an investigation into sex trafficking allegations but was persuaded not to by his staff.

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In the latest debate on guns, a hobbled NRA takes a backseat

As Congress debates new legislation on firearm restrictions in the wake of two high-profile mass shootings, the National Rifle Association is playing a diminished role. But thanks to years of shedding its claim to bipartisanship and aligning almost entirely with the Republican Party, the country's premier pro-gun lobby's agenda has firmly planted its agenda within the GOP, a legacy that continues to frustrate efforts to change gun laws.

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Opinion: What Jim Crow looks like in 2021

"It's a redux of Jim Crow in a suit and tie." That's how Stacey Abrams, who spearheaded efforts to organize Black voters in Georgia for the 2020 election, recently described the deluge of new voter restriction laws proposed by Republicans in the Georgia state legislature in the wake of their defeat. Cliff Albright of the Black Voters Matter Fund echoed Abrams, saying the new restrictions, which include new ID requirements and limits on drop boxes, are just "putting a little makeup and cologne on Jim Crow."

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Colorado senator calls for gun reform in powerful speech

Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet on Wednesday called on the Senate to act in the wake of a mass shooting at a supermarket in his state, asserting in an impassioned speech from the chamber floor that his colleagues have a moral obligation to a generation of young Americans who have lived through dozens of such attacks.

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Harlow presses GOP lawmaker on gun reform bills

CNN's Poppy Harlow speaks to Rep. Don Bacon (R-NE) about gun reform bills that passed the House, in wake of the supermarket shooting in Boulder, Colorado, that left 10 people dead.

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Pressure builds on Biden to act on guns in wake of shooting

President Joe Biden made no mention of gun control in the aftermath of last week's shootings in Atlanta -- including during remarks after visiting the city -- but he will face more pressure now to voice an opinion on the matter after another mass killing in Colorado.

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Opinion: Going 'big' on road projects won't fix America's cities. This will

The next infrastructure bill, which is anticipated this summer, is going to have to do some heavy lifting. Foremost, it will need to be an investment in jobs and economic recovery, putting people back to work in the wake of the pandemic. It will also be expected to make meaningful shifts toward a green economy, fulfilling promises made by many on the campaign trail. Finally, it will need to address racial equity, a core emphasis put forth by President Joe Biden and echoed by Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg.

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