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Tapper presses White House official on Trump's rallies

Admiral Brett Giroir, the White House official overseeing testing, told CNN's Jake Tapper that biology was independent of politics when asked if public health measures were contradicted by President Trump's rallies.

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After football comparisons, University of Georgia will allow on-campus voting

After an onslaught of criticism from student groups and local politicians for canceling in-person voting but allowing football this fall, the University of Georgia changed direction Thursday, announcing it would offer election officials the use of their basketball arena for students to vote.

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Australians stranded abroad because of government cap

Thousands of Australian citizens all around the globe are stranded, unable to return home because Australia has set a cap for how many people can enter the country every week, leaving many of their own citizens stuck in foreign lands.

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Deputy fired after video shows him repeatedly strike man

A sheriff's deputy in the Atlanta area was fired for excessive use of force after a social media video showed the deputy repeatedly striking a man, according to the Clayton County Sheriff's Office. CNN's Dianne Gallagher reports.

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Reporter: Trump campaign's new ad almost comically deceptive

Attacks ads are nothing new, but the Trump campaign's use of manipulation is in a class of its own, says CNN's Daniel Dale. He deconstructs the Trump team's newest, egregious ad and takes a look at some of the tricks the campaign uses over and over again.

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Ending the Iranian occupation

Protesters in Lebanon and Iraq in the last year have turned their ire not only against conditions in their own countries, but against Iran's corrosive influence in them. Past Palestinian protests in Gaza against the Iran-supported terrorist group Hamas, and protests in Iran itself, against the use of scarce Iranian resources for its leaders' foreign malign expeditions, have voiced similar frustrations. Syria has been virtually destroyed by a now over nine-year civil war in which much of the population has fought the Iran-backed Syrian leadership.

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Portland passes broadest facial recognition ban in the US

The city of Portland, Oregon, on Wednesday banned the use of facial-recognition technology by city departments — including local police — as well as public-facing businesses such as stores, restaurants and hotels.

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JPMorgan probes potential PPP misuse

JPMorgan Chase is investigating the role its employees may have played in potential abuse of Paycheck Protection Program loans and other pandemic relief programs.

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