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Actress does voiceover of roller coaster ride

Actress Jennifer Garner posted a video of herself on a roller coaster with some of her co-stars in the upcoming movie "Yes Day." The actress included a voiceover commentary track of exactly what she was thinking.

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Ethiopia sets tentative August date for elections

Ethiopia's upcoming national vote will probably be held on Aug. 16, the electoral board said on Wednesday, the first poll under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who has eased political restrictions and opened the economy since taking office in 2018.

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How to stay invested if you're a worrier

There are a lot of things to be nervous about. Iran. Trade tensions with China. Recession fears. Sky-high national debt. The fallout from impeachment and the upcoming US presidential election.

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Analysis: Why the race for second choice matters in Iowa

Welcome to 2020! With just 22 days until the Iowa caucuses, the 2020 election will be here before you know it. Every Sunday, I deliver to your inbox the 5 BIG storylines you need to know to understand the upcoming week on the campaign trail. And they're ranked -- so the No. 1 story is the most important of the coming week.

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